Suki Care Active Daily Regimen Mini Kit – Clarity


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This suki set offers complete clarifying care for combination and oily skin types. A luxurious gift for fabulous skin – A trial kit that is composed of 100% pure and highly effective skin care, that is sufficient for up to two months, without having to invest in their larger counterparts.

Problem: combination, oily and sensitive skin types with problems such as redness, swelling, blemishes, clogged and enlarged pores, imbalanced sebum production. Suitable for skin types that require lightweight products.

Solution: “clarity” is a combination of normalising products that balance the sebaceous and bacterial production, while favouring a healthy looking and radiant complexion. It is the best choice of facial care to reduce redness, swelling, clogged and enlarged pores and the imbalance of sebum production. Simultaneously, the SSS Technology ™ cooperates with the proprietary botanic complexes™ offering to clarify with long-lasting results without the unpleasant side effects of VSA (Volatile Synthetic Active – volatile synthetic agents) that are found in synthetic Salicylen.

The set includes:

  • 1x exfoliate foaming cleanser, 30 ml
  • 1x purifying foaming cleanser, 3.75 ml
  • 1x transformative purifying masque, 3.75 ml
  • 1x concentrated clarifying toner, 3.75 ml
  • 1x balancing facial oil, 3.75 ml
  • 1x balancing day lotion, 3.75 ml
  • 1 x ultra protect body palm sample, 1 ml

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